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Your Poker Event

Queen Six provides casino quality tables, croupiers and equipment to bring your friends and colleagues together to test each other’s wit, skill and nerve in a tournament to find the ultimate poker champion in your group. A tournament director to ensure everything runs smoothly and a trophy to ensure bragging rights for the winner are provided for all games of four or more tables. Contact us today for the event that your office will be talking about until we come back.

How many tables?

Unsure of how many tables you require? You’re not alone, this is one of our most frequently asked questions. Here is a helpful table to use as a guide:



5-9 1
10-18 2
19-27 3
28-36 4
37-45 5
46-54 6
55-63 7
64-72 8
73-81 9
82-90 10
91-99 11
100-108 12
109-117 13
118-126 14
127-135 15
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“Hi Sting. Just wanted to thank you and your team for an amazing night. Everyone loved you guys. Thanks again, you helped make my night very special.”

“Thank you again for last night. The craps table was a big hit with my husband and is friends.”

“Hi Stephen, thanks again for hosting our poker tournament. We have had a lot of positive feedback (from our clients) and look forward to next time.”

“Thank you so much for organising the blackjack table for us last night. It provided a great talking point for our guests and James was the life of the party!”

“BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER!! We will definitely be getting you back next year. Thank you so much for coming down to Canberra to turn it on for our party. It can be hard to find entertainment like this down here and everyone loved you. Hope you all had a safe trip back.”

“Thank you Queen Six team for making my birthday so special on such short notice.”