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    How much space do I need?2021-03-06T17:41:49+11:00

    With room for players included:

    Blackjack, poker and baccarat require minimum of 2m x 2m of space.

    Roulette, craps and sic bo require 3m x 3m and double roulette 3m x 6m.

    How long does it take to set up?2021-03-06T17:34:48+11:00

    Most events can be set up in less than two hours and packed up in an hour.

    Do you do charity fundraisers?2021-03-06T17:27:54+11:00

    Absolutely. We love to help raise money for charities and will provide decorations for free for charity events. Reach out to us if you are thinking about a casino fundraiser for your charity.

    How many tables should I get?2021-03-06T17:22:16+11:00

    Definitely our most asked question and most difficult to answer. Space, variety, guest numbers, nature of your event are all factors to consider. As a reference, tables can service about 15 people at a time. For advice specific to your event, call or email us and we will be happy to assist with no obligation.

    Is this legal?2021-03-06T17:06:09+11:00

    Yes. This is 100% legal. Just like hiring a foosball table or a magician (only more fun).

    Do we come to your home?2021-03-06T16:37:11+11:00

    We certainly can. As long as there is sufficient space, we can create a casino anywhere.

    Do we play with real money?2021-03-06T16:35:18+11:00

    No. Our chips and play money have no cash value. Gaming is purely for entertainment/prizes.


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